Is Dr. Hulda Clark a Quack or a hero?

Dr. Hulda Clark has written several intrigueing books since the early 1990's about curing many diseases including Cancer, AIDs, HIV, and others. While Dr. Clark has been deeply criticised by many professionsals, listed as a quack on many lists, and sued by the FDA and the FTC, she has been and is lauded by many thousands of followers who claim that she has curred their illnesses. So, where does the truth lie?

In her book, The Cure For All Diseases, Dr. Hulda Clark describes how certain parasites and toxins affect our health and how we can improve our health by removing certain toxins from our bodies and by killing our parasites using a parasite zapper. Since this book was first published, many thousands of individuals (possibly hundreds of thousands) have claimed that Hulda Clark zappers really do work. There may be over 1,000,000 (actually, way over a million) zappers in use around the world today. This is significant enough to warrant a fair consideration of the claims.

From the various sites around the internet that claim that Dr. Clark is a quack, there are a number of objections to her claims and a number of top rated professionals who claim that she is full of baloney. These sites offer information to debunk the theories of Dr. Clark.

While there are many sites pro and con, I have not found any that consider both sides of the Dr. Hulda Clark story. The objective of this site is to provide a fair and balanced evaluation to the claims of both detractors and supporters.

So, let us start with which is operated by Dr. Stephen Barrett M.D., a retired psychiatrist. This is one of the worlds best known and most active quack sites.

On his site, Dr. Barrett has a number of interesting comments. He starts out with the heading "Bizarre Claims" and goes on to say that "Clark claims that all cancers and many other diseases are caused by "parasites, toxins, and pollutants"". Well, excluding radiaton and genetics, these are the only known causes of cancer, so in this respect, she is partially correct. He then follows up with "All cancers are alike. They are all caused by a parasite. A single parasite! It is the human intestinal fluke." To be sure, this is a little far fetched, or is it.

Checking with the National Cancer institute, we find that "Bile duct cancer may occur more frequently in patients with a history ... or infections with the fluke, Clonorchis sinensis." Also pertaining to bile duct cancer, "Other possible risk factors include ... infestation with liver flukes". Species of Faciolopsis have also been shown to be linked to certain cancers. However, Dr. Clark's statement that all cancers are caused by Faciolopsis buskii can not be true with all of the evidence of other causes present today. Does this mean that she is entirely wrong? Read on!

Dr. Barrett goes on to further explain Dr. Clark claims "All cancer patients (100%) have both isopropyl alcohol and the intestinal fluke in their livers. The solvent isopropyl alcohol is responsible for letting the fluke establish itself in the liver. In order to get cancer, you must have both the parasite and isopropyl alcohol in your body"

Dr. Barrett continues with the following:

Clark further alleges:

  • 1) The adult liver fluke -- which she misspells as Faciolopsis buskii -- "stays stuck to our intestine, (or liver, causing cancer, or uterus, causing endometriosis, or thymus, causing AIDS, or kidney, causing Hodgkin's disease)." [4:4] Or the pancreas, causing diabetes; the brain, causing Alzheimer's disease; the prostate (causing prostatitis; or the skin if you have Kaposi's sarcoma [4:35].
  • 2) As soon as there are adults in the liver. . . . a growth factor, called ortho-phospho-tyrosine appears. Growth factors make cells divide. Now YOUR cells will begin to divide too! Now you have cancer. . . . Having isopropyl alcohol in your body allows the fluke to develop outside of the intestine [4:8].
  • 3) When the fluke and all its stages have been killed, the ortho-phospho-tyrosine is gone! Your cancer is gone [4:9].
  • 4) Clearly, you must do 3 things: (1) Kill the parasite and all its stages; (2) stop letting isopropyl alcohol into your body; and (3) flush out the metals and common toxins from your body so you can get well [4:10].
  • 5) It is not unusual for someone to have a dozen (or more) of the parasites I have samples of. You can assume that you, too, have a dozen different parasites [4:10].
  • 6) Three herbs, used together, can rid you of over 100 types of parasites: black walnut hulls, wormwood, and common cloves [4:11-12]. But the amino acids ornithine and arginine improve this recipe [4:15].
  • 7) Use of these five products will kill the cancer-causing fluke in the first five days and the remaining parasites in another two weeks [4:19].
  • 8) It takes 5 days to be cured of cancer regardless of the type you have. Surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy can be canceled because, after Clark's recipe cures the cancer, it cannot come back [4:introductory passage].
  • 9) All metal (fillings, crowns, bridges, etc.) should be removed from the mouth, and all teeth with root canals should be extracted, because their presence damages the immune system [4:46-48].
  • 10) To prevent recurrence, stay on a maintenance program of killing parasites and give yourself a high-dose program at least twice a year. Also treat all family members and household pets [4:23-26].
  • 11) The method is 100% effective in stopping cancer regardless of the type of cancer or how terminal it may be. It follows that this method must work for you, too, if you are able to carry out the instructions. [4:120]
  • 12) No matter what kind of cancer you have (or HIV or pains or weakness), a complete program of lifting the burdens on your immune system will miraculously clear it up. [4:372]
Dr. Barrett then states:
All of the above notions are absurd. In a 1999 talk that attacked widespread misbeliefs about parasites, the president of the American Society of Parasitologists noted that if Clark's pseudoscientific claims were correct, "the medical establishment and . . . professional pathologists are guilty of a gigantic and cruel fraud on the public." [5] The U.S. Centers for Disease Control states that Fasciolopsis buski is "found in Asia and the Indian subcontinent, especially in areas where humans raise pigs and consume freshwater plants." It is not a problem in the United States or other developed countries.

First, let us review the statements made by Dr. Clark.

  • 1) It is possible for flukes and other parasites to occupy organs of the body that are not normal habitats and when such infestations occur, they can cause disasterous effects. I learned this in college biology class.
  • 2) Yes, it is true that many parasites do produce ortho-phospho-tyrosine and other proteins and that these proteins do leach out into the host. While the link with isopropyl alcohol has not been otherwise established, the increase of cancer has coincided with the increase of isopropyl alcohol usage.
  • 3) If the above statement is true, then yes, that reduction of growth stimulating proteins could cause cancer remission.
  • 4) This is just logic if the stated conditions are true.
  • 5) Consider this: the World Health Organization has published that the average male carries about 2.2 pounds of parasites in his body. This being the case, it would not be surprising for a person to have a dozen different parasites.
  • 6) Actually, these herbs have been well known for many years for their anti-parasite properties.
  • 7) While these herbs are fairly effective, they are probably not 100 percent effective.
  • 8) Again, 5 days may be an awful short time, but if the results are good, then remission may not be out of the question.
  • 9) The removal of amalgam and teeth with root canals has been recommended for a number of years by a small number of brave dentists. It has been shown that these can and do cause many health problems. Mainline dentistry refuses to budge though!
  • 10) This makes sense anyhow as parasite eggs and spore are present everywhere in our environment and pets are major carriers of some.
  • 11) Consider this: If your immune system is loaded down and stressed from fighting parasites, how the heck can it effectively fight cancer, HIV, or other illness at the same time?

As stated above, the statements by Dr. Clark are not entirely absurd as suggested by Dr. Barrett. While Fasciolopsis buski is found mainly in Asia and the Indian subcontinent, it is present and does show up in North America and may be more prevalent that medical authorities want to admit. About one-in-five liver cancers are cholangiocarcinomas, arising from branches of the bile ducts that are located within the liver. Certain liver parasites are recognized risk factors for this type of liver cancer, especially in parts of southeast Asia. A favorite complaint about the medical community is that these parasites are from southeast asia. What they seem to forget is that over a half million Americans went to southeast Asia during the 1960's and 1970's and that many came back suffering from health problems. They also seem to forget that hundreds of thousands of Americans have visited areas of southeast Asia since then. Many of our past customers had been to southeast Asia or had family members who had been there.

I have been using the zapper for about eleven years and I have been manufacturing and selling them for almost as long. As a result of selling zappers, I have spoken with many thousands of Hulda Clark followers over the last few years. I have never hear any of them complain of Dr. Clark and many are long time survivors of Cancer, HIV, and many other serious illnesses. It is my personal feeling that I would trust Dr. Clark's methods more than anything that the FDA has approved.

I would also like to state, that I have read many pages of QuackWatch and related sites and find that they are a serious effort to misinform the public.

David Etheredge

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